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Welcome Mom Boss!

If you're looking for a laid back community that is striving to learn and grow together, along with a whole lot of grace and acceptance, you are in the right place!

The Mom Boss Book Club was created to support and guide business minded moms looking to challenge their minds and continue to learn from others in the areas of personal and business development.

A Mom Boss Book Club member understands that the resources we dive into here are not iron-clad truth, but an opportunity to challenge our thinking, take what makes sense for our lives and business, and simply leave the rest.


Every business and every Mom Boss is unique and has something special to contribute to this world.  We're thankful for every member of this encouraging community and strive to make this a simple space for critical thinking.


Here's how it works:

1. After signing up (for FREE), you'll be added to the Mom Boss Community where you'll receive an email directing you to either the next book we'll be covering or the review of our most recent book.

2. You'll occasionally receive an email about LIVE discussions.

3. You decide which books you want to order online and join in on and which books you want to sit out.

That's it!



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